Video surveillance systems

anti-intrusion, video surveillance, alarms

To ensure security, SI.MA. s.r.l. designs and installs surveillance systems combined for anti-intrusion and video surveillance , installing and programming wired and WI-FI systems.

You can count on our team of systems design experts who will work with you to design and implement a high performance surveillance system.

Whether you are looking for a shop surveillance system or a 1080p HD resolution camera, we can guide you in the right direction.

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Video surveillance systems

anti-intrusion, video surveillance, alarms

Project consultancy

Our experts provide a comprehensive project assessment to determine your business needs and work with you to design the right security camera solution for your unique application! HD, IP, wireless or CCTV video surveillance systems.

Security audit

We can make a remote tour of your facility using blueprints / plans, digital photos, sketches and even satellite imagery online. This service we provide gives our design team a clear view of your building, area or organization.

System integration

For customers with complex technology or security requirements, our technicians have extensive experience in security and IT technology, which enables them to effectively configure the camera system to its maximum potential.

Video surveillance systems

Solutions for every project

Solutions by application

By combining advanced camera features with rugged outdoor housings or a discreet camera design, a camera can be installed in almost any location.

This makes them ideal for monitoring inside and outside companies and offices, for recording in remote locations or for recording high quality video to identify suspicious people.

The most popular video surveillance applications:

  • Preventing Copper Theft
  • Remote video monitoring
  • Facility protection
  • Monitoring of operations
  • Prevention of loss of resources (expensive equipment, large quantities of goods)
  • Employee safety
  • Parking
  • Video surveillance for events
  • Public safety
  • Road Traffic Monitoring
  • Outdoor perimeter security

Solutions by sector

Our specialists have extensive experience in designing scalable video surveillance systems for a wide range of verticals, including hospitality, construction, retail, manufacturing and education.

Solutions by technology

We are no strangers to developing proven, state-of-the-art video surveillance solutions. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of integrating IP and CCTV surveillance technology with your existing infrastructure and will take the time to listen and respond to your specific needs.

Solutions by Role

What sets us apart from other companies is our deep understanding of the variety of security requirements and problems faced by different roles and functions within an organization. Our custom security solutions can help you increase security, improve business operations and improve security in your business or organization.

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