Building automation

With the constant movement of technology and the pursuit of energy saving, more and more customers in the residential and tertiary sectors are requesting to automate processes.

The SI.MA. Electrical systems provides qualified personnel in the installation and programming of building automation, from the design to the choice of components you can rely on our experts.

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Residential, Commercial and Industrial

Building Automation

Whether it’s a single-family house or an office complex, the demand for comfort and versatility in the management of air conditioning, lighting and access control systems is growing.
Yes.Ma. electrical systems specializes in Home Automation Building Automation. Building automation and control systems are the ability to network and connect different hardware components and connect them all together via software, so you can control the environment of a building.

By managing these building services independently , we can guarantee that the comfort for the occupants and the energy used are of one optimal standard. Whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial environment , we can create the right solution for your needs.

The more control we have over our buildings, the better we can optimize levels of comfort, services and safety by controlling energy efficiently and cheaper.
Did you know that up to 84% of energy consumption of a building can be controlled?


We manage the operation of all types of services such as:

  • Heating and hot water
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Lighting
  • Blackout windows and curtains
  • Fire alarm
  • Access to the door
  • CCTV

We provide Building Automation services in various sectors

Residential home automation

Home automation is becoming more and more attractive, as well as affordable. The ability to control our homes offers convenience and comfort, plus the added benefit of being more energy efficient.

Commercial building Automation

Offices, nursing homes, hospitals, schools and many other buildings benefit from controls for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). In smaller applications a simple HVAC control solution is adequate, however, in larger buildings a building management system is used to control major services. This in turn ensures that the building environment is kept at comfortable levels for employees and members of the public, controlling the plant efficiently.

Industrial building automation

Warehouses and factories can benefit from building automation primarily from smart lighting controls. Since most industrial buildings have minimal forms of heating, their main energy consumption will be electricity in the form of lighting. An enormous amount of energy savings can be exploited by taking advantage of occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting via skylights.

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